10 Best Rustic Coffee Tables in 2020 (Reviewed)

Rustic Coffee Tables

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Rustic home decor is the rage of recent times. Castor wheels, distressed wood, sliding barn doors, industrial metal; these are the attractions people want in their house. If you are also inclined towards today’s “rustic” culture, then you can invest in a coffee table.

A rustic coffee table is often made with a wooden top and a metal frame. Simple in design, such tables look good with linen and leather-covered furniture. Overall, an easy way to include a useful organic material in the house.

Choosing an appropriate rustic coffee table is not easy. To simplify the selection process, we are presenting you with some of the best rustic coffee tables and a buying guide. Made of high-quality materials, any of them can suit your living room, depending on your preferences.

In a hurry? Check and get the Perfect Rustic Coffee Tables from this quick buying decision list:

1. Emerald Home Chandler Rustic Coffee Table

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Great for those who want to include some distressed items in the house. This simple looking rustic coffee table from Emerald Home has a wooden top with planks placed alternatively to each other. There is also a shelf at the bottom for extra storage.

This rustic coffee table has a metallic frame with an X design on each side. It has a length of 48 inches, the height of 18 inches, and a width of 24 inches. It will look perfect placed in front of a sofa or couch.



Our verdict: If you want a rustic table with an industrial appearance, consider our top recommendation from Emerald Home. It has a sturdy steel frame, useful space, and a wooden top that highlights the natural wood and grains to give you a natural feel.

2. VASAGLE Industrial Coffee Table

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Need a farmhouse feel in your living room? Then adding the coffee table from Vasagle can be an excellent idea. Made with a combination of matte steel and robust wooden top, this vintage piece of furniture has a timeless charm.

The top-level can withstand 264 pounds, and its protected plastic feet makes it harmless for hardwoods and other floor types. There is no reason why you wouldn’t like this rustic wooden piece in your house.

Underneath the top wooden surface, you will find a metal grid that can hold up to 88 pounds. It can be a perfect place for your cat to stay while you watch TV. The assembly process is easy, you can do it singlehandedly with no help.



Our verdict: Stylish, durable, and useful, that’s what you need in a coffee table, right? It’s the reason why Vasagle is offering you this industrial coffee table with all the qualities that give a trendy effect to your living room and gather impressive reviews from visitors.

3. Alaterre AMBA1220 AZMBA1220 Sonoma Rustic Natural Coffee Table

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Want to witness exquisite craftsmanship? Check our third entry made of solid wood and a metal frame. With robust construction, this rustic coffee table will last for a long time in your guest room.

This table is available in three different sizes, you can choose one depending on your requirements and available space. The weight capacity of this coffee table is 400 pounds, which is comparatively higher than many other contestants in the rustic coffee table market.

It has an open shelf at the bottom where you can store printed materials and other things that are required in a guest room. You will be spending less time in its assembly because it’s simple. Moreover, its cleaning is also effortless; you only need a soft damp cloth to wipe it out.



Our verdict: This rustic coffee table from Alaterre is durable, looks good in almost any interior and gives you some extra storage space.

4. Household Essentials Round Coffee Table

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One of the best rustic round tables available in the US, this one has a grey ashwood top and a black metal frame. Due to an X shaped base, this coffee table remains stable and gives you ample foot space while you talk with your friends and enjoy a cup of coffee.

It has a comfortable height of 16 inches and a diameter of 31.5 inches. As it has the standard black and grey appearance, this rustic coffee table is a good fit for most interior décor. It has a smooth top, which makes cleaning a breeze.



Our verdict: This stylish rustic coffee table is perfect for offices as well as living rooms. It’s structured and designed in such a way that you don’t miss anything apart from the lower storage shelf. It’s easy to clean as well.

5. Olee Sleep Cocktail Coffee Table Rustic Brown

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Here comes another timeless piece from Olee Sleep. Made of hard pinewood, this table is naturally artistic and looks tempting. The wooden top sits on a steel frame, which is incredibly strong and keeps the stand stable.

You can store magazines, books, newspapers and other miscellaneous items on the wooden shelf under the table. Its installation is simple, you can assemble it within a few minutes because all the required hardware is included.

Once set, it gives you a 46-inch long wooden space that offers you a nice place to enjoy a cup of coffee with your friends.



Our verdict: Whether you need an attractive coffee table in the guest room or a work table for your home office, this rustic piece is a perfect option. It’s durable, spacious, and comparatively more prominent than most of the other variants. In terms of coffee tables, bigger is always better if you have space.

6. Niangua Furniture Live Edge Rustic Coffee Table

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Constructed with hickory slabs from Ozark forests, the Live Edge rustic coffee table stands out in terms of design and appearance. It looks beautiful and unique because of the copper pipes. These pipes hold the wooden top and give you a distressed piece of furniture that adds some style as well as comfort to your living room.

The top is made of 2-inch full slabs retaining their natural edges. ½ inch wide copper pipes are secured with cotter pins to give you an easy assembly time and improved stability. It looks natural and will surely add a touch of elegance to your living room.



Our verdict: If you want a unique piece of furniture, then go for the Live Edge rustic coffee table. Big brands can’t sell something similar because of extra handling and manufacturing time. Overall, it’s a beautiful as well as a useful addition to your guestroom.

7. Sauder 420011 Dakota Pass Lift-Top Coffee Table

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This rustic coffee table from Sauder has all the qualities you might want or need in a living room furniture. On top of that, it is made of recycled wood, so it’s eco-friendly. It is available in two colors; char pine for a classic look and craftsman oak that gives a whole rusty look.

This coffee table has an innovative design. You can lift its top and forward the same for double levels and a customized workplace, making it applicable for both entertainment and work.

Underneath the wooden top, you will find a storage shelf divided into two compartments. As you can see, this rustic table offers maximum storage space.



Our verdict: For buyers who need a beautiful piece of furniture in their living room that can be useful in the best possible ways. The hidden storage space can be a mystery for your guests. Furthermore, it has a long-lasting structure, so expect it to be at your service for long.

8. Care Royal Vintage Industrial Farmhouse Coffee Table

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If you own a small flat or living room and need a piece of furniture where you can chill with your friends over a cup of coffee, then here is another lovely coffee table from Care Royal featuring a reclaimed wooden top as well as a bottom shelf that can be used for storage.

A rust-free metal frame and sturdy wooden build make it a long-lasting product. Moreover, it has natural knots and cracks that add to the distressed appearance.

To protect hard floors, this rustic coffee table has four rubber covers on its feet. Assembly is not a trouble as all the required hardware is included. According to the manufacturers, this table should be saved from direct sunlight and moisture. Customer support representatives are available 24/7 to address your concerns.



Our verdict: If you are an environmental enthusiast, you can have this coffee table made with reclaimed wood from old houses and buildings. It shows a natural wooden character, looks stylish in any decor and adds some extra storage space as well.

9. Stone & Beam Ferndale Rustic Coffee Table

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Our next recommendation comes from the house of Stone & Beam. Made of reclaimed pine, this 51-inch wide rustic coffee table has unique natural imperfections that make it exclusive. Due to its solid construction, this coffee table will last for years.

Apart from adding a warm look to your guest room, this coffee table also gives you lots of storage space. Two drawers and a bottom shelf are enough to store all your belongings at the same spot. As its assembly is easy, you will be able to set it up within 15 minutes. It comes with a warranty of three years.

Furthermore, you have a 30-day trial period wherein you can get a refund in case you are not satisfied with the distressed piece of furniture.



Our verdict: If you need an attractive coffee table that looks good in any area, choose this furniture piece from Stone & Beam. Natural wood grains make it unique while a couple of drawers and a storage shelf add to its usefulness.

10. GreenForest Coffee Table Round

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Whether you have an elementary looking guest room or a luxurious one, round coffee tables look good in any environment. This is why we have included another round rustic coffee table which has a diameter of 35.5 inches and a storage shelf at the bottom.

You can use the additional shelf to keep magazines, books, and other related items to keep the guest room neat and clean. The wooden top of this table is made of 3D wood grain and MDF material. Its frame and the shelf are constructed with a stylish metal frame that brings elegance to your living room.

The eco-friendly top is water-resistant and easily withstands daily wear and tear. The overall build of this GreenForest coffee table is sturdy and stable. As it has only eight screws to tighten, the assembly process is also effortless and can be done single-handed.



Our verdict: An attractive table that suits and compliments any decor. It’s durable and gives you some extra storage space. To minimize damage, the manufacturers made it waterproof.

How to choose the best rustic coffee tables?

A coffee table can serve numerous purposes in your guest room. Apart from completing the appearance, it also stores stuff for you. If you have an additional shelf, you can decide what items you want to hide under the table and which one will look useful and attractive on the top.

However, the question is; which model or variant can be the perfect option according to the available space and your preferences? Listed below are some factors that can guide you in the right direction while choosing a rustic coffee table for your house.

What is the allotted budget?

Rustic coffee tables are available at different price tags that vary from affordable to very expensive. If you are modifying the house or moving into a new flat, then the cost of the coffee table will also be affected by other pieces of furniture or accessories you have to buy. Curtains, sofa, lights, etc. are the additional items you will need for a guest room. So, decide the spending limit before you start the hunt.

Shape and size

Think about shape and dimensions. Choose a design that easily fits into the situation and decor. If you have kids or pets in the house, consider them while purchasing a rustic coffee table. The size of the table you’ll buy should be determined by the available space in your living room.

Rectangular rustic coffee tables are standard because they very neatly match with any chair or sofa layout. However, the sharp edges can lead to injuries. So, if you are a family man, opt for a round rustic coffee table.

Build material

Wood is the standard material to build a rustic coffee table. But the question is; what type of wood? Solid wood, reclaimed solid wood, MDF board with mixed timber, there are many more options. Well, the material will decide the life and reliability of a rustic coffee table. It’s the reason why we have included only variants with a steel frame and a durable wooden top.

FAQs about rustic coffee tables

Can a coffee table be higher than a sofa?

A coffee table should be parallel to the sofa at the same height or slightly lower than the sofa seat. Such an arrangement is fail-proof, and there are no chances of complaints. Talking about the length of a coffee table, it should be about two-thirds of a sofa.

Can a rustic coffee table hold a television?

Yes, if the coffee table is wide enough to store the TV as well as the cable box, DVD player and other accessories. Furthermore, the table should be able to withstand the weight of all the items.

What is a coffee table book?

Usually an oversized book with a hardcover that is used to display on coffee tables. The sole purpose of a coffee book is to inspire conversation, so it mostly consists of non-fictional images and one-liners.

Where should I position a coffee table?

It should be placed within 14 to 18 inches from the sofa.

Where can I buy a rustic coffee table online?

You should browse Amazon; they have all the latest variants from top models and they offer hassle-free delivery to your doorstep with reasonable shipping charges.


Purchasing a rustic coffee table means you care for the environment. Moreover, you will get an exclusive piece of furniture with a story of its own. There are a variety of rustic coffee tables available in the market, pay close attention to the material used to build the table.

Apart from that, you should also check the size, color, and storage as we discussed in the buying guide.

We have already gone through the ten best rustic coffee tables available to purchase from Amazon. Check their designs, features as well as color to choose a unique piece of furniture for your house.

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